An option for International Equity Investing

How do you Invest in International Equities?

It is generally regarded as a good idea to have an exposure to international equities in a well diversified portfolio. But individuals simply don't have enough time in the day never mind the expertese and foreign language skills required to analyse even a portion of the vast range of investment options available in the international markets.

ANZInvestmentsHeaderANZ Investments have a solution called the OneAnswer SAC International Share Fund.

The fund has a "multi manager" approach. They select a number of international fund managers with expertise in their chosen field and investment philosophy to build a widely diversified fund. This gives investors exposure to experts from across the world, and because they are able to leverage off the size of the Australian arm they are able to access the managers at a reasonable price.

(SAC is the abbreviation ANZ Investments use for those of funds invested in just one sector of the market ie a Single Asset Class.)


Back in 2016 Morningstar undertook a research review of the OneAnswer SAC International Share Fund. They gave the fund the highest possible analyst rating of “Gold”. In addition the fund had the highest possible quantitative rating of 5 stars. It is 

Morningstar made the following comments in the review:

"OneAnswer International Share is a stand-out choice. The multimanager approach is impressive across the board – stable line up of quality managers, impressive team in charge of manager selection and portfolio construction, category-leading performance history, all at a reasonable cost.’

They’ve done an exceptional job and deserve commendation. Investors should take comfort the fund will continue to deliver."

The fund was also the International Equities category winner at the 2016 Morningstar Awards.

The fund is suitable as a core International Equity exposure for clients in a well-diversified portfolio. If you'd like more information click here to email or contact Jonathan or Andrew on 07 578 3863.

Click here for the May 2016 Morningstar report on the OneAnser SAC International Share Fund or view it below.


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