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Tauranga Golfers Will Feature in The Open Championship

Keen golfers will know that The Open Championship is to be played at Muifield, Edinburg, Scotland from 14-17 July 2013.

For Non Golfers that's The British Open one of The Major's - the top four golf tournaments in the world and Serious Money.

Mark BrownThis year Tauranga will have two representatives in The Open field. Touring Professional Mark Brown has been adopted by Tauranga Golf Club members as one of their own. Mark has been been honing his game at the Tauranga Golf Club for most of this year. He qualified at Kingston Heath in Australia after shooting a closing round course record 62. His coach, former team mate and long time friend Jay Carter was on his bag that day and even though Mark described him as "... possibly the worst caddy I have ever had ... " Jay is caddying for him at The Open.

Jay Carter, Tauranga Golf Fusion teaching professional and NZ Golf High Performance coach and Mark Brown have been good mates since they were in the Titliest Academy many years ago in Wellington. Jay is very fit and reasonably strong so wont have any trouble carrying the clubs for four days and he might even be able to help Mark with his golf if he needs it. GolfFusion have also sent one of their other coaches, Mikayla Bell as a backup in case Jay gets lost.

Mark Brown has many years of international professional golf experience under his belt and a course record at Kingston Heath is evidence of his recent form, he's been ranked as high as 64 in the Official World Golf Rankings. Mark is capable of beating anyone on his day and there is no reason why 17 July 2013 wont be his day.

After he's bought a round or two of drinks at the Tauranga Golf Club Mark may need some financial advice to help him decide what to do with the remainder of the winners prize money of £945,000, about $1,800,000. Do caddies still get 10% Jay?

Jay Carter will be posting a Blog of his experiences on The GolfFusion website, click on the News link.

The official website of The Open Championship, where they hadn't bothered updating Mark's profile a week before from the last time he compteted in 2009, someone is going to be scrambling for information as he starts to feature on the leaderboard.


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