Using Your Email Contacts List Efficiently

An excerpt from Debbie Mayo-Smith's May 2015 - Business Quick Tip Alert.

If you'd like to subscribe to Debbie's emails or read other useful business related tips you can do so here She doesn't release them very often and when she does I always find them worthwhile.

Debbie's productivity and email tips are applicable to anyone.

If you're using Outlook or Gmail for your emails this is recommended reading, if not you can probably adapt the concepts to your email tool.

 So You Think You're Using Your Email Contacts Well, Do You?

This is a wee departure from my normal quick tips. Please take the time to read - you'll be glad you did.

I do a lot of small group in-house training. After the session I walk from desk to desk for one-on-one help. What I consider appalling is almost every person I see is ignoring their Contacts. They offer you such value when used.

Just last week one lovely lady showed me her contacts - it was an email folder with emails saved from the people she wanted to keep the details of.

Here is my list of five must do contact actions

1. Create a contact
Just because you start typing their name in the TO column and it autofills does not mean you have that person as a contact. Outlook remembers the last 2000 names you've typed. It's simply auto-completing.
To save someone as a contact in Outlook simply drag and drop the email into your contact folder icon. A new contact will open with their name and email address filled. The text of the email will be in the contact to so just scroll down and drag and drop their other address details into the respective fields.
Watch how in my Outlook Boot Camp video.

In Gmail open the email, hover over the little person icon next to the email address and select add to contacts.

Windows Needs A Bit Of Love

The Software In Your Computer Needs To Be Maintained - Often

Just like a Bloke, a computer software needs to be maintained, spruced up now and again. And, just like a bloke it might try and do it itself but it needs your assistance once in a while (well lets face it ladies, probably closer to once a week but you can let it slide for a month or two unless there's a family occasion, on your side of the family).

PC Help

Reboot It

With computers the easiest and most painless bits of maintenance is to turn it off and on occassionally, this is know as rebooting (Ladies the former will work wonders for your bloke as well but I wouldn't try the rebooting). I make a point of doing so at least one a day and more often if I'm doing really intensive or important stuff. It just cleans out much of the "stuff" that accumulates in your computers memory as it does what it does.

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