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ANZ Investments' Balanced Fund Really Performs

ANZ Investments LogoLast month the ANZ Investments "OneAnswer Single Asset Class Balanced Fund" reached a major milestone as it turned 21 years old. We couldn't help but note that this is very rare for a New Zealand Fund.

The OneAnswer Single Asset Class Balanced Fund invests mainly in shares and listed assets with some exposure to cash and fixed interest assets. The fund may also invest in alternative assets. So we don't believe its really a "single asset class" fund but that's how they have chosen to classify it.

After 21 years, the fund remains a top performer for Balanced Funds over short and long terms:

Ranked 2nd by FundSource for performance over the last 12 months - 14.56%
Ranked 1st by FundSource for performance over the last 5 years - 10.35%
Ranked 1st by FundSource for performance over the last 7 years - 5.21%

ANZ Investments OneAnswer Balanced Fund Performance chart

The performance of the OneAnswer SAC Balanced Fund is a shining example of ANZ Investments record of delivering strong and reliable returns for our clients.

ANZ Investments is just one of the many investment managers offering managed funds we can help you invest in. To discuss this and a myriad other managed fund options that may meet your needs please call us on 07 578 3863 to make an appointment, the first half hour is free!

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