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Life Tubes

A Life Tube can speak for you when you can't. A special tube contains vital personal information for emergency services in case of accident or illness.

Age Concern Life Tubes are small sealable plastic containers with a red label. Inside, you'll find a form you can use to communicate any medical conditions, medications, doctor, next of kin, and contact numbers to be used by emergency services coming to your aid in a medical or civil emergency.

Then container is kept inside your refrigerator, with a red sticker to alert emergency personnel. They are trained to look inside your fridge for a Life Tube.

If there are changes to your medications, we advise you to add a dated note advising the changes.

Why Keep Life Tube in the refrigerator?

It has a good chance of surviving earthquakes or floods. It's distinctive and hard to miss, it can usually be found in the same place, and almost all homes have one. It's the humble fridge – your emergency information storage vault!

Extra forms

Keep your Life Tube info up to date. Extra forms are available from your local Age Concern or you can download and print out a PDF copy directly from Aged Concerns Website by clicking here. [PDF file, 0.02MB]

More information

Life Tubes are available at a very modest cost from your local Age Concern. Our local Aged Concern is located at the Historic Village, 17th Avenue, Cottage 55, Tauranga or for more details ring 07 578 2631.

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